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3 Phase Power: A Simple Explanation

We often hear these words, three phase power. In the electrical industry, it is a very common term used. But, what exactly is a 3 phase power? 3-phase power is an electric power transmission method. It is an increased level of electricity transmitted to power up devices like motors. Compared to a single-phase, two-phase or direct current systems, 3 phase uses less conductor which makes it more preferred by electrical contractors.

Three Phase Power Functionality

A 3-phase electric power can utilize three different conductors at the same voltage at the same time. These three circuit conductors carry three alternating currents. What does that mean? It simply implies that the first flow of electricity goes through one direction and then reverses the flow in another direction. Unlike the other electrical power phases mentioned above, 3 phase power has identical voltage amplitude. Its frequency is relatively a common reference in an entire electric current. If you are not electrically minded, understanding 3-phase power can be tough. It is not self-explanatory. You need to get the right information for clearer understanding.

More about 3-Phase Power

When it comes to power transmissions, 3-phase power is the most popular. It is being used serving as one of the wires in a particular power system. It provides consistent voltage as what we have mentioned above. Here is how you can conceptualize a three phase power in your mind easily. Think of a 3-phase power as a cylinder engine working as push rotating around a crankshaft axis. Electrically, the power is calculated as a cylinder force. Here is how. Voltage times current times square root. Since 3-phase power is flexible, it is also commonly used in large manufacturing industries. It has high density that makes it preferable in the commercial enterprises.

Efficient Power Supply

Three phase power is an efficient power supply. It is best to go with this power phase to be able to prevent any electrical problems in the future. One way of avoiding unwanted circumstances to happen, is to hire the right electricians who can do the 3-phase power installation job. These skilled individuals can do several electrical services including the repair and maintenance. Not all electricians can deal with three phase power. Therefore you need to make sure that you are choosing the right electrical contractor. Better yet, hire an electrical company. Hire electricians who are licensed to install 3phase. Single phase can be converted to 3phase. That is what your electrician must be able to do to you.

Right Inquiry

If you are looking for a qualified electrician, select only the person who is licensed and insured. You can get several names and sort them out. Shortlist the up to 3. Interview each of them but ask them the same questions. Ask for possible certificates or documents that can prove their reliability. Do not rush when trying to make your choice. That is not an easy decision to make especially that it entails risk of everyone’s safety once electrical problems occur. Do not hesitate to ask. That is your right as one potential client. True expert electricians will be happy giving you all the information you need.