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The Difference Between Industrial Electrician and Commercial Electrician

A lot of people think that an industrial electrician and a commercial electrician are one and the same but the truth is these two are very different fields of specializations. Industrial electrician and commercial electrician take unique training and are performed in different environments. While the foundation for the skill set needed for these two fields are the same, but the extended knowledge needed to practice industrial electrician is different from that of a commercial electrician.

It is important to know the difference of the two because we need to hire the right person for the right job if we want to ensure the success of the endeavour we are into. We just could not hire any electrician for any electrical job we need at home or in commercial establishments because while they sure do have the basic knowledge, they may not be able to delve deeper into the intricacies of the field.

Of the two professions, commercial electrician is the more common one as the services provided by this kind of electrician is usually mass-based and so he gets to work with the common concern of more people. He is probably who you need. Example of environments where a commercial electrician is needed are merchandise stores, restaurants and the likes. Meanwhile the most basic function of a commercial electrician is to make certain that the wiring and electrical components of the facility are working efficiently and the installation is safe for the people in the surrounding. However, there are also times when a commercial electrician is also hired to work on a high voltage electrical system where there is a presence of large heating or air-conditioning units. But the main types of work that commercial electrical contractors take are those which involve common electrical repairs and installation of specific equipment in ordinary settings.

On the other hand, an industrial electrician has a more extensive but specific education and training. This field is a more complex one that companies require several years of training and apprenticeship programs to ensure that industrial electricians be equipped with the skills necessary for industrial field electrical works. They commonly work in manufacturing and production facilities that are very far from the workplace of a commercial electrician. Industrial electrician works is a much intricate avenue as compared to other electrical fields. The former must be ready to handle issues that involve high voltage systems. Also problems in the electrical systems in industrial fields are more difficult to fix than the ones in commercial establishments.

Now that you know which type of electrician you should hire, it will be easier for you to look for the right electrician for the specific job you need. So for the electrical stuffs that need to be done or undone in your business place, there is no need to hassle yourself in looking for an industrial electrician because what you need is one which can be readily contacted. If you live around Sydney, you will find a number of very qualified commercial electrician Sydney area providers who are qualified and competent. These Commercial Electrician Companies would be glad to cater to your electrical needs at any day and at any time, be it an emergency case or a scheduled repair and similar electrical needs. This way, you can save yourself from worries and stress should you encounter electrical mishaps in your business place.